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Post Op Vagina

How real does a post-op vagina look and feel asktransgender
7 Jun 2012 A Few Pe Ople That I've Come Out To As Transgender And Told About My Plans To Transition Have Asked Me If I Plan On Getting Srs I Really Don't.

Photographic Examples – The Reed Centre
Review The Gender Reassignment Surgery Female To Male And Male To Female Photos At The Reed Centre.

NSFW transgender post-op vagina - JudgyBitch
10 Jul 2017 Let Me Start With Something A Little On The Light-hearted Side Irl I Work For A Company That Has Recently Hired A Trans Woman As A Technician It's A Small Office And We All Pitch In To Do Minor Housekeeping And Keep The Coffee Pot Full And The Mugs Washed On Jessica's First Day, I Told Her She Was Now .

Trans Women Open Up About Sex After Surgery - Vogue - Vogue
3 Aug 2016 For This And Other Reasons, Sex Change And Post- Op Are Outdated Terms, And Are Used In This Article Only In Direct Quotations ) At First, Nomi Said, She Was Hesitant To Jump Into Being Sexually Active “i Didn't Want To Give My Vagina To Every Guy, Because I Was Like, 'duh, It's Brand-new!'” When She Did Start .

12 Things I've Learned In The First 12 Months With My Vagina
3 Oct 2015 I Was One Day Short Of Eight Weeks Post- Op When I Thought I Would Give Things A Go, Completely Clueless As To How I Even Operate, Now Wikihow No Help You Have To Experiment, You Have To Feel Ridiculous For A Little While, And You Have To Go Through Not Feeling A Thing It Takes Trial And Error And Really, .

This is What a Vagina Looks Like on a Mtf Transgender Female After
3 Apr 2017 If You Would Like To Help Contribute To Tinsley Keefe's Surgery Costs, Please Consider Making A Loving, Generous Donation To Her Go Fund Me Account Via The F.

The Post-Op MTF Transsexual Vagina 18 Months after SRS Update
13 Jun 2015 This Video Is An 18 Month Post- Op Transgender Transexual Update Where I Talk About How Dilation Needs Have Changed, How I Appreciate The Aesthetic, And How.

Sex talk Everything you ever wanted to know about neovaginas
16 May 2014 Okay Guys, We Talk A Lot About The Social Elements Of Transition, But We (rightfully) Don't Talk A Lot About Surgery And I Know A Lot Of Pe Ople Are Really Curious About It I've Had My Very Own Vagina For Over A Year Now, Things Are All Healed Up, I've Had A Chance To Test Things Out And I'm In A Sharing Kind Of Mood.

Post-Op Care (GRS) Dr Marci Bowers M D Male to Female
When You Come Back For Your Follow Up Visit (typically Scheduled On The 6th Day Following Surgery), You Will Be Seeing Angelita, Who Will Help You To Learn All Aspects Of Your Post Op Responsibilities And Take Your Questions On Mondays, Dr Bowers Is Available And Often P Op In If You Are Free If You Wish To See Her More .

Post-op Vaginal Tightness and What to Do about it - Susan's Place
Post- Op Vaginal Tightness And What To Do About It « On October 27, 2012, 03 37 15 Am » Hmm, I Have An Awkward And Embarrassing Question To Ask I Have Tried Looking Around Various Boards, But I Think My Situation May Be More Unique, Hence The Post If This Question Has Been Answered Elsewhere, Let Me Apologize In .

a possibly stupid question for post-op girls - Susan's Place
20 Jun 2006 I'm Not Post- Op, But From What I've Heard, You Do Produce Your Own Lubrication, Although It's Generally Not As Much As A Natal Female You Can Alway Use Ky Jelly Or Something Similar I've Heard A Product Called Astroglide Works Well Many Post - Op Women Also Have The Ability To Orgasm, Although Because Of .

Vaginal dilation - Susan's Place Transgender Resources
25 Jul 2013 Vaginal Stents For Dilating Vaginal Dilation Is A Term Used To Describe The Process Of Ensuring That A Post- Op Male-to-female Woman's Neo- Vagina Does Not Lose Depth Or Width In Persons Born Intersex Dilation Is Used To Increase Or Maintain The Size Of The Vaginal Space While Most Often Performed With Either .

Post-op vaginal wall sensitivity - Susan's Place
Post- Op Vaginal Wall Sensitivity « On July 29, 2009, 12 34 58 Am » Hi I'm Wondering Whether The Post- Op Vaginal Wall Has Sensitivity All The Way Inside, Or Whether It Is Numb In There Is It As Sensitive As The Outside Of A Penis Shaft And Which Surgeon Did You Use Thanks D Jassie Logged .

How can you tell a transgender post-op woman apart form a real
Do They Smell Like Real Vaginal Excretions Since A Transgender Converted Into Woman Is Technically Still A Man, And Her Vag Is A Fuked Up Penis, Ask Yourself This Does Your Penis Smells Like A Vagina Excretion Dude They Dont Have Vaginal Excretions Like Real Girls, Next Time You Will Be Asking If Post- Op .

Post-op vaginal surgery - UCLA Urology
Post- Operative Instructions For Patients Who Have Undergone Vaginal Surgery You Have Recently Undergone Vaginal Surgery After The Catheters And Bandages Have Been Removed, You Are Still In The Healing Process It Takes Several Weeks For Bladder Function To Return To Normal Therefore, It Is Common For Patients To.

What's it like to fuck a MTF vagina - Datalounge
R17 Why To Be Frank, I Once Fucked A Mid- Op, If Theres Such A Term, In The Ass Meaning No Vadge Yet But No Junk Either He Was The Prettiest Guy And I Got So Strangely Turned On So I've Wondered Since What It Would Be Like To Fuck An Actual Fully Post- Op Mtf Vadge.

Dr Chettawut's Sex reassignment surgery Gallery Case 1 Dr
The Patient Kindly Sent Her Follow-up Pictures 2 Months After Surgery Showing Normal To Rapid External Genital Healing Her Dilation Routine Went Very Well And She Informs She Is Maintaining A Stable 6 5 Inches Of Vaginal Depth The Labia Minora Construction Was Done By Using The Whole Penile And Prepuce Skin To Form The .

Intercourse - Does it work - Post-Op Discussions - TransPulse
Hello Everyone, Countdown Is On, Under 35 Days Until Srs So My Ex-wife And I Were Talking About Why We Don't Hear Much About How The Neo- Vagina Ends Up Working Out In The Real Life Experience One Of The Big Benefits Of Srs Is Experiencing Ones Full Sexuality In My Case Female So How Does .

5 weeks post op full hysterectomy, bladder sling and vagina
Dear Ms Cgit Is Not Unusual To Have Swelling I E Edema Tenderness And Firmness For 4-6 Weeks After Surgery And Most Doc Will Tell You This However.

Sexual Function of a Post-op Transsexual Male to Female Autumn
22 Sep 2013 Introduction Hi Everyone! In This Video, I Thought I'd Share The Sexual Function After Sex Reassignment Surgery If You Would Like To Know About My Srs, Please Watch My Video On That [srs] It's Been About Seven Months Since My Srs, And Things Are Still Healing, Nerves Are Still Reconnecting So, I Will Have A .

How I learned to orgasm after sex reassignment surgery - Splinter
25 Oct 2016 After My Sex Reassignment Surgery Two-and-a-half Years Ago, My Doctor Ensured I Could Locate The Essentials Clitoris, Urethra, And Vagina Beyond That, Though, Her Main Advice For Sexual Gratification Was To “be Inventive And Open-minded,” As If I Were About To Finger Paint Or Go On A Study Abroad Trip.

Guidelines for the Primary and Gender-Affirming Care of
In This Technique, A Vaginal Vault Is Created Between The Rectum And The Urethra, In The Same Location As A Non-transgender Female Between The Pelvic Floor (kegel ) Muscles, And The Vaginal Lining Is For The First Week Post- Op, Applying Ice On The Perineum For 20 Minutes Every Hour Can Assist In Relieving Some Swelling.

Transgender Orgasm MTF Post-Op Michele O'Mara
10 Jul 2017 The Mtf Post- Op Transgender Orgasm Guest Post By Emma Post Op O Bear With Me Here While I Walk You Through My Thought Process About Grs The Only Thing I Can Compare With Any Authority Is What My Orgasms Are Like Now, With A Vagina, Versus Before With The Prior Equipment That Shall Remain .

Transition, Vagina Ownership, and Post Lower Surgery Life The
12 Apr 2017 I Am A Trans Woman, Meaning That While I Was Assigned Male At Birth, I Am Now Living Happily As A Woman I've Been On Hormones For A Few Years, I've Had Surgery To Reduce The Size Of My Adam's Apple, And I Also Had Surgery On My Genitals To Go From Having A Penis And Testicles To A Vagina There Is .

Your Post-Op Instructions VAGINAL SURGERY - CIGC
Post- Op Instructions Vaginal Surgery This Information Answers Frequently Asked Questions To Help Explain Some Experiences That Could Occur After Surgery.

Does a post-op trans woman's vagina feel the same as a cis woman's
Dilation Becomes A Weekly Requirement 1 Year Post- Op If The Trans Women Is Not Enjoying At Least Weekly Penetrative Sex Most Of, But Not All, My Friends Report Being Told By Their Gynecologists That Their Surgery Had Resulted In A Neo Vagina That Was Practically Indiscernible From That Of A Cigs Women Who Had Had A .

MTF Vaginoplasty - Keelee MacPhee, M D
The Depth And Diameter Of The Neo Vagina May Be Limited Due The Narrowness Of The Male Pelvis At The Time Of Surgery, A Stent Is Put In Place To Form Vaginal Dimensions, And The Patient Will Need To Dilate The Vagina Following Surgery, Frequently At First And Tapering Over Time A Typical Post- Op Protocol Will Involve Dilating Three .

Vaginal hysterectomy - About - Mayo Clinic
10 Aug 2017 If You're Having A Vaginal Hysterectomy, Regional Anesthesia Will Block The Sensation In The Lower Half Of Your Body Arrange For Help Although You're Likely To Recover Sooner After A Vaginal Hysterectomy Than After An Abdominal One, It Still Takes Time Ask Someone To Help You Out At Home For The First Week Or .

SRS Result Profiles - Dr Suporn Clinic
Suporn Technique Studies Download Full Presentation (3 5mb Zip File) Case Studies Correct Ventral Position 4 Months Post Op In Standing Position Labia Minor, Anterior Enough To Cover Vulva Click On Thumbnail For Enlarged Image Hair-free Vaginal Cavity Hair-free Vaginal Cavity To Full Depth Zero Hair Growth In  .

TAH Vaginal infections more frequent post-op Hysterectomy
11 Mar 2011 I Am 6 Weeks Post Op And I Have A Question That I Haven't Seen Addressed (i'm Sure It Has Been Somewhere On Here) So Here Goes I Am Wondering If It Is Common To Get More Frequent Vaginal Infections After Hysterectomy I Never Experienced Infections, Discharge Or Odor Previously, But I Have Had 2 .

Vaginal hysterectomy - UpToDate
31 Jul 2017 Lavh Might Be Recommended For A Woman With An Enlarged Uterus, History Of Prior Pelvic Surgery, Endometriosis, Or Other Factors That Could Complicate A Traditional Vaginal Hysterectomy Women Generally Recover Faster After A Vaginal Hysterectomy Or Lavh Compared With Women Who Have Abdominal .

Vaginoplasty Postop Instructions - Brownstein Crane
Vagin Oplasty Post Op Instructions Post Operative Patients Can Resume Showering After Their First Post Operative Visit, And Taking Baths 8 Weeks Post Operatively Refer To Insert The Dilator Into The Full Depth Of The Vagina (until You Feel Moderate Pressure Or Resistance) And Leave In Place For 10 Minutes You Should Be Inserting .

6 Weeks post-op vaginal anterior repair Genitourinary Prolapse
6 Weeks Post- Op Vaginal Anterior Repair Posted 2 Years Ago Hello Ladies! I Had My 6 Week Post- Op For Anterior (bladder, Cystocele) Repair My Outpatient Surgery Was Done Vaginally, Using My Own Tissue That Supports The Bladder No Mesh Or Other Materials Used The Reason I Had Outpatient Surgery Was That I Do Not Have .

Microflora of the penile skin-lined neovagina of transsexual women
20 May 2009 The Primary Objective Of This Study Was To Map The Neo- Vaginal Microflora In A Group Of 50 Transsexual Women For Whom A Neo Vagina Was Constructed By Means Of Respectively 82%, 58% And 30% Of The Samples Showed An Amplicon After Amplification With M Curtisii, At Opobium Vaginae And Gardnerella  .

Pocket Guide to Radiation Oncology - Google Books Result
Target Delineation □□ Post- Op Imrt □□ Ctv Vaginalcuff = Vaginal Cuff+ Incorporation Of Itv With Additional 1- To 2-cm Expansion To Account For Rectal And Bladder Filling, As Well As Vaginal Motion □□ Ctvvessels = Common, External ( Down To T Op Of Femoral Heads), Obturator, Internal Iliac Ln Regions + Presacral Ln  .

Vaginoplasty Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) Link
This Page Sketches The Historical Devel Opment And Surgical Details Of Vagin Oplasty Surgery For Male-to-female Sex Reassignment (often Called Sex Reassignment Surgery - Srs ) Before Reading This Page, Please Read The Introduction To The Concepts Of Gender Identity, Transgenderism And Transexualism Elsewhere In This .

UroGyn Surgery Post OP Care - Advanced Pelvic Surgery
Urogyn Surgery And Post Op Care Greg Owens, Md Www Advancedpelvic Com Types Of Prolapse Cystocele---bladder Distention---stretching In Midline; Displacement---lateral Detachment Rectocele---rectum Damage To Recto- Vaginal Septum Enterocele---small Intestine Hernia Often Seen With Rectocele.

8 Weeks Post-Op Hysterectomy 8 Things You Need To Know
28 Nov 2016 Light Bleeding And Or Spotting Is Normal And Expected In The First Six Weeks Post- Op Not Normal Blood Gushing From Your Vagina When There Is Nowhere For It To Gush From I Guess This Isn't Unheard Of At Around The Two-week Mark, Which Is What The On Call Ob Told Me When I Called .

Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation Procedures Dr Michael
Before After Vaginal Rejuvenation Before And After 03 17_005 Pre- And 6 Weeks Post- Op Perine Oplasty + “tightening” Vagin Oplasty + Femilift (for Urinary Incontinence ) Vaginal Rejuvenation Before And After 03 17_004 Vaginal Rejuvenation With Labiaplasty, Perineolplasty, “tightening” Vagin Oplasty, 2 Months Post- Op Vaginal .

Vaginal Hysterectomy Recovery What to Expect - Healthline
26 Sep 2016 The Method Will Be Based On The Reason For The Surgery, Plus Other Health Considerations In The United States, Hysterectomy Is The Second Most Common Surgery Among Women, After Cesarean Delivery Continue Reading To Learn More About Vaginal Hysterectomy And What To Expect During Recovery.

What is recovery like after vaginal rejuvenation -
Most Patients Are Cautiously Up And About The Afternoon Of Their Surgery Day As The Anesthesia Wears Off During The First 24-48 Hours After Surgery, Patients Should Place Ice Packs Or Frozen Peas On Their Incisions To Minimize Swelling And Bruising Routine Tasks Are Encouraged As Long As There Is No Irritation Or Pressure At .

Robotic Surgery of the Bladder - Google Books Result
Important Technical Considerations • The Prostate May Be Left In Situ In Male Patients Allowing For Minimal Risk Of Post- Op Bleeding • Vaginal Approach To The Anterior Vaginal Wall Dissection And Urethral Dissection Prior To Robotic Dissection • Meticulous Hemostasis Of Anterior Vaginal Wall Following Cystectomy To Avoid Delayed .

Transgender woman shares VERY graphic account of gender
25 Mar 2016 Transgender Woman Jessica Has Described In Graphic Detail The Process Of Having A Vagin Oplasty After Which She Said Parts Of The Body 'melt Off' She Had Although Jessica Said She Was Expecting Her Vagina To 'look Like Frankenp Y' After Surgery, It Was Much Worse That She Could Have Imagined.

Vaginal hysterectomy recovering well leaflets - RCOG
22 Oct 2015 Vaginal Hysterectomy (pdf 3 00mb) This Information Is For You If You Are About To Have, Or You Are Recovering From, A Vaginal Hysterectomy – An Operation To Remove Your Uterus (womb) Through Your Vagina This Information Will Help You Recover After A Vaginal Hysterectomy You Should Read This .

Post Op Vaginal Yeast Infection - The Mini-Gastric Bypass
Post Op Vaginal Yeast Infection What Is A Vaginal Yeast Infection Vaginal Yeast Infections Are Caused By A Fungus Called Candida Albicans Yeast Infections Can Be Very Uncomfortable, But Are Usually Not Serious Symptoms Include The Following Itching And Burning In The Vagina And Around The Outside Of The Vagina (the .

Vaginoplasty - The Transgender Center
Vagin Oplasty Is A Surgical Procedure That Essentially Converts Penile And Scrotal Tissues Into A Vagina, Clitoris, And Labia This Procedure Is Usually Combined With Labiaplasty That Further Refines The Labia And External Vaginal Area, Giving It A Classically Female Appearance Dr Leis And His Highly Experienced Surgical Team  .

Post op ability to climax - Transgender Forum
23 Mar 2011 How Do Post Op Trans Women Masturbate By 15 Weeks I Could Climax From Vaginal Penetration, The In Out Rubbing Of A Large Stent Stimulating The G-spot ( Prostate) Best And Quickest Result Was I Said Before About The Difference In The Pleasure Tension Graph Between Before As A Male And Now, Post- Op.

Female Genital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery - Google Books Result
Receptive Intercourse Is Possible With Vaginal Depths Typically In Excess Of 20 Cm (6 Inches) (figure 13 18) Retention Of Glands Including Cowper's, The Prostate, And Seminal Vesicle Allow Patients To Release Pre- And Post-ejaculatory Fluid Similar In Quality To That Of Homologous Female Structures [9] Vaginal Lubrication Per Se .

Caitlyn Jenner Transition Surgery Women's Health
11 Apr 2017 As A Result, Transgender Women Typically Need To Use Lubrication For Vaginal Sex Goldstein Says That Women Typically Spend Three Days In The Hospital Post- Op And Go Home With Vaginal Packing (gauze In Their Vagina To Make Sure It Stays Open) And A Catheter Learn More Fascinating Facts About The Female .

Vaginal Surgery Including Vaginal Hysterectomy
Post- Op Instructions For Vaginal Surgery Including Vaginal Hysterectomy Congratulations!!! Your Surgery Is Over You Are Fine And You Get To Go Home! Please Be Sure Not To Miss Your Follow-up Appointment Eating Drink Liquids And Eat Lightly For The First One To Two Days After Surgery After That You Should Be Able To Eat .

Sex with a M2F post op female is as good or better then a real
I Have Recently Been Messing Around With This Hot Intelligent Woman She Is M2f Post Op And Having Sex With Her Is Better Then Any Natural Woman I Ever Been With, The Vagina Is Almost Exactly Like A Natural Woman's, You Could Barely Tell The Difference, She Is Hot Woooo! Some Of These Post Op Woman Are .

What It's Really Like to Transition From Female to Male - Cosmopolitan
15 Jan 2016 Did You Have Any Complications Post-surgery Man A I Had No Complications With The Surgery And Actually Healed Better Than Any Other Patient, According To My Doctor The Only Issue I Had Was That My Resting Heart Rate Remained High For A Long Time Post- Op, But It Finally Returned To Normal After Six Months .

Stitches inside vagina post op sex - Endometriosis UK
30 Mar 2016 I Had My Second Operation In 8 Months On 18 March The Op Lasted 6hrs And Was Mainly To Removed Endo From My Bowel When O Came Out The Consultant Told Me I Had Endo Everywhere Except My Right Ovary Anyway To Get To The Point, He Informed Me I Now Have Stitches Inside My Vagina From Where The .

Dilalation postop - Toby R Meltzer MD,PC
Post Operative Dilation Instructions Dilating Your Post- Operative Care Is Going To Involve Regular Use Of Vaginal Dilators And Douches It Is Absolutely Critical That You Continue To Dilate As Required Failure To Do So May Result In A Collapse Of The Vaginal Vault If This Were To Happen, A Second Operation May Be Required At .

How to Overcome these Common Post Hysterectomy Sex Problems
2 May 2012 Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Guide To Overcoming Common Hysterectomy Sex Problems Including Pain, Vaginal Dryness, Thrush, When To Resume.

Trans Women have hair inside their vagina secret side effect of
28 Aug 2015 T Opic Hair Regrowth Inside Vagina « On February 12, 2014, 05 13 10 Pm » [ Question] Hello Girls, I'm Three Months Post- Op (male To Female) And I Have Some Hair Regrowth Problems As It Stands When I Reach My Fingers Inside I Can Feel Just A Few Hairs, They Kind Of Prickle My Fingers, I Cant Really Tell How .

Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery - Google Books Result
Morley Gw, Delancey Jo Sacrospinous Ligament Fixation For Eversion Of The Vagina Am J Obstet Gynecol 1988;158 872–81 Jennings Rh Pr Ophylactic Antibiotics In Vaginal And Abdominal Hysterectomy Antibiotics Is Helpful In Reducing Post Op Infection South Med J 1978;71 251–4 Price Sa, Polk Hc Jr Pr Ophylactic And .

I'm a post-op MtF who is back in therapy to reverse this mess and
1 Nov 2013 I'm 60 & Have Been A Post- Op Trans Woman 10 Years Now… Yes All The Bad Things He Listed Happened To Me, But Even With The Loss Of Family & Friends I Would Have Still Done The Same Because I Was Born Female So I Take All That Goes With It Good Or Bad Just As All Women Do I Have Never Regretted Srs As I .

11 Mar 2011 My Doc Did An I&d Of A Vaginal Cuff Abscess The Abscess Was A Post Op Complication Of A Tlh Done Last Month The Op Note List The Dx As Post Op P.

post-op Goodbye old junk, Hello Vagina!
27 Dec 2013 Today I'm Starting To Feel A Lot Better Than I Have Been In A While Dr Meltzer Came In And Visited Me Today As Per His Usual Round (every Day He's Done This!) I Told Him How Concerned I Was With My Dilation Process Being So Anxiety Inducing He Suggested I Get A Beer Before I Dilate Next —- To Try And Relax.

Vaginal Prolapse Repair Surgery Vaginal Reconstruction Adelaide
Vaginal Prolapse Repair Surgery Is Offered At Advanced Gynaecological Surgery Centre In Adelaide Sa Click Here To Read More About Vaginal Reconstruction Procedure Surgery To Repair A Prolapse, In Correcting This Obstruction, May Occasionally Result In Stress Incontinence Post Operatively Sometimes A Simple Additional .

Total Woman OBGYN Pre-Op and Post-Op Instructions
After You Are Asleep The Laparosc Ope Is Inserted Into The Abdomen And Carbon Gas Is Blown Into The Abdomen To Inflate The Belly Wall The Doctor Will Remove The Uterus Cervix, Tubes And Possibly The Ovaries Through 4 Small Abdominal Incisions The Vaginal Incision Is Then Closed With Several Stitches Photographs Will Be .

Labiaplasty Post Op Recovery FAQ - Miklos, John (miklosandmoore
4 Dec 2017 Pain And Discomfort Are To Be Expected After Surgery Pain Medication Is Given At The Pre- Op Visit To Control And Manage Post- Operative Pain Yellow, Malodorous Vaginal Discharge Can Be Noted After Surgery As This Discharge Is Due To The Vaginal Stitches Dissolving Minimal Incision Bleeding And Spotting .

Am I banging a post op tranny - Roosh V Forum
3 ) Perfect Vagina Like It Was Sculpted By Surgeons 4 )out Of My League Ill Admit It, This Girl Rolls With Famous Sports Athletes, I've Seen Pics Of Her With Them 5 ) Grainy Vagina Reminds Me Of The Tucker Max Tranny Story I Wish I Never Read That However 6 )she Naturally Lubricates, I Didnt Need Any Lube.

Trans-Oriented A Guide to Love and Relationships for Men who Love - Google Books Result
Post- Op Tgirls Do Not Have The Mucus Membranes In Their Vaginas That Ggs Have They Are Going To Require Lube The Good News Is That She's Likely Going To Be Pretty Tight It Takes Time For Her New Vagina To Loosen Up In Fact, For The First Bit Of Time After Srs, She'll Have To Wear A Vaginal Stent This Is A Molded Piece Of Plastic .

11 Care of Post-Operative Patients - Polygender co uk
A Post- Op Ts Patient Will Require Some Form Of Oestrogen, Which May Be Administered Orally Or By Skin Patches (or, Much Less Commonly, By Depot Injections) T Opical Oestrogens (such As Vaginal Creams) Are Insufficient On Their Own For Agonadal Subjects, But May Be Useful As An Adjunct To Oral Hrt Progestogens Are Not .

Suburethral sling Post-op - Bergen Urological Associates
Vaginal, Pubic, Groin, And Pelvic Discomfort Are To Be Expected For Several Weeks Vaginal Spotting Of Blood Is Typical For Several Weeks And It Is Therefore Recommended That You Wear A Pad Until This Resolves The Stitches Used For The Surgery Will Normally Dissolve Within 6 Weeks, And Until That Time, They May Feel Sharp, .

Transsexual - Wikipedia
Transsexual Pe Ople Experience A Gender Identity That Is Inconsistent With, Or Not Culturally Associated With, Their Assigned Sex, And Desire To Permanently Transition To The Gender With Which They Identify, Usually Seeking Medical Assistance (including Hormone Replacement Therapy And Other Sex Reassignment Therapies) To .

Hysterectomy Granulation and Post Op Bleeding
22 Jul 2013 Hysterectomy Granulation (also Known As Vaginal Vault Granulation) Is The Growth Of Scar Tissue At The T Op Of The Vagina When The Cervix Has Been Removed It Isn't Common, Dangerous Or Serious But It Can Cause Discomfort, Pain And Some Post Operative Bleeding If You Were To See It, It Might Look Like Raw .

vaginal bleeding post op - POST-Operation Weight Loss Surgery
22 Mar 2013 Hi Ok So I Know This Sounds Supper Crazy If I Waz Reading It Id Think So To But About 4 Days Post Op I Startd My Period However Its Not Due Plus It Is Supper Light Where Usally Its Heavy And Its Yellowish Brown And Smells Funny So I Wonder If This Is My Period Or What For A Minute I Wondered If It Could Be .