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Handbook of Practical X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis - Google Books Result
Jis G, 1256-1997, Iron And Steel – Method For X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometric Analysis Japanese Standards Association, Tokyo (1997) 27 Kalman Zh, Heller L, Theoretical Study Of X-ray Fluorescent Determination Of Traces Of Heavy Elements In A Light Matrix – Application To Rocks And Soils, Anal Chem 946–951 ( 1962) 28.

Nanoimprint Biosensors The Fusion of Nanofabrication, - Google Books Result
Enhancement Of Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency In Copper Phthalocyanine Solar Cell By Surface Plasmon Excitation, Jpn J Appl Phys , 32(8), Pp 3486– 3492 (in Japanese) Kume Label-free Detection Of Proteins In Crude Cell Lysate With Antibody Arrays By A Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Technique, Anal Chem.

Advances in Biosensors Perspectives in Biosensors - Google Books Result
Ultralow Detection Limits For An Organic Dye Determined By Fluorescence Spectroscopy With Laser Diode Excitation Anal Chem , 61, 861–863 Kumar, A , R Malhotra, B D Malhotra And S K Grover (2000) Co-immobilisation Of Cholesterol Oxidase And Horse Radish Peroxidase In A Sol Gel Film Anal Chem Acta, 414, 43–50.

Dye analysis of Shosoin textiles using excitation-emission matrix
Anal Chem 2009 Jul 15;81(14) 5691-8 Doi 10 1021 Ac900428a Dye Analysis Of Shosoin Textiles Using Excitation-emission Matrix Fluorescence And Ultraviolet- Visible Reflectance Spectroscopic Techniques Nakamura R(1), Tanaka Y, Ogata A, Naruse M Author Information (1)office Of The Shosoin Treasure House, Imperial  .

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14 September 2007 Japan Has Successfully Launched Its First Anal Probe On A Mission To Explore.

Techniques - Google Books Result
S Canonica And U P Wild, Single Photon Counting With Synchronously Pumped Dye Laser Excitation, Anal Instrum 14, 331–357 (1985) G Hazan, A Grinvald, M Maytal, K Hara, Measuring Apparatus Of Light Emission Of Life Of Sample, Japanese Patent Appl No 57-183244 (1984) D J S Birch, R E Imhof, And A Dutch, .

Photobiogeochemistry of Organic Matter Principles and Practices - Google Books Result
Anal Chem Acta 78 411–422 Amador Ja, Alexander M, Zika Rg (1989) Sequential Photochemical And Microbial Degradation Of Organic Molecules Bound To Humic Acid Amy Gl (2010) Tracking Natural Organic Matter (nom) In A Drinking Water Treatment Plant Using Fluorescence Excitation Emission Matrices And Parafac.

She Broke Japan's Silence on Rape - The New York Times
29 Dec 2017 Over The Summer, Parliament Passed The First Changes To Japan's Sex Crime Laws In 110 Years, Expanding The Definition Of Rape To Include Oral And Anal Sex And Including Men As Potential Victims Lawmakers Also Lengthened Minimum Sentences But The Law Still Does Not Mention Consent, And Judges Can .

Excitation Temperature Measurement in Liquid Electrode Plasma
20 Sep 2011 [23] I Kumagai, H Matsumoto, T Yamamoto, E Tamiya, And Y Takamura 2006 Proc µtas, P 497 [24] M Banno, E Tamiya, And Y Takamura 2009 Anal Chim Acta 634 153 Crossref [25] M Kumai, K Nakayama, Y Furusho, T Yamamoto, And Y Takamura 2009 Bunseki Kagaku 58 561 [in Japanese].

Laser-Induced Fluorescence and Optical Reflection Spectra of
Laser-induced Fluorescence And Optical Reflection Spectra Of Japanese Natural Dyes On Silk Tadaki Miyoshi And Yasunori Fluorescence Spectra Under Nitrogen-laser Excitation Were Measured For Silk Cloth Dyed With Japanese Natural Dyes An Identification Of The H Schweppe 1975 Z Anal Chem 276 291 Crossref.

Research Highlights of the National Bureau of Standards - Google Books Result
Japan 17, Suppl B-ii, 68-73 (1961) Marvin, R S , Impressions Of Japan, Japanese J Kobunshi (high Polymers), Soc High Polymers 12, No 130, 53 ( 1963) Mathey Megill, L , Rees, M H , Droppleman, L K , Electric Fields In The Ionosphere And The Excitation Of The Red Lines Of Atomic Oxygen, Planetary And Space Sci.

Effective depths for surface excitation derived by reflection electron
30 Mar 2004 A Method Of Estimation Is Proposed For Determining The Effective Depth Of Surface Excitation For This, The Effective Differential Inverse Inelastic Mean Free Path ( Diimfp) Is Presumed To Be Represented As A Linear Combination Of Theoretical Diimfps For Surface And Bulk Excitation, Which Are Derived By The Use Of .

Liquid Sloshing Dynamics Theory and Applications - Google Books Result
Minowa C (1980), The Dynamic Analysis For Rectangular Water Tanks, Recent Advances In Lifeline Earthquake Eng In Japan Asme Pressure Vess Minowa C And Kiyosumi K (1997) Sloshing Impact Analysis Of Roof Damaged Water Tank In Kobe Earthquake Asme Symp Adv Anal Exper Comp Tech Fluids Struct Trans .

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Scents that matter - from olfactory stimuli to genes, behaviors - Google Books Result
(2013) Suggested That Pyrazine Analogs Stimulated The Aob; Therefore, They Examined The Immunoreactivity Of Fos, A Marker Of Neuronal Excitation, Primarily In The Aob According To Previous Studies, Principal Anal Gland Compounds From The Stoat (mustela Erminea) And Ferret (m Putorius) Markedly Alter The Distribution Of .

Measuring Cheese Maturation with the Fluorescence Fingerprint
From The Loadings Of The Pls Model, It Was Found That Emission Spectra At 345 Nm Excitation, Attributable To Oxidized Lipids And Maillard Reaction Products, Increased In It Is Consumed Widely In Japan Due To Its Mild Flavor And Versatility, And As Of The Year 2012, 43% Of The Cheese Consumed In Japan Was Processed Cheese .

Studies on the components of Aloe arborescens from Japan
Hplc Conditions Were As Follows Column, Puresil C18 (4 6×250 Mm, Japan Millipore); Mobile Phase, Water-acetonitrile; Elution Profile, 0 Min, 30 70; 10 Min, 100 0; 12 Min, 30 70 Chromatography Was Performed At Room Temperature With A Flow-rate Of 2 0 Ml Min, And Fluorescence Was Measured At 512 Nm With Excitation At .

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Synthetic arsenic sulfides in Japanese prints of the Meiji period
Keywords Japanese Woodblock Prints Synthetic Arsenic Sulfides Alacranite Micro-raman Spectroscopy Micro-xrf Sem-eds Library Of Ft-raman Spectra Of Pigments, Minerals, Pigment Media And Varnishes, And Supplement To Existing Library Of Raman Spectra Of Pigments With Visible Excitation Spectrochim Acta Part .

Secondary excitation process for quantitative confocal 3D-XRF
12 May 2015 Secondary Excitation Process For Quantitative Confocal 3d-xrf Analysis - Volume 30 Issue 2 - Kouichi Tsuji, Atsushi Tabe, Peter Wobrauscheck, Christina Streli “ Nondestructive Elemental Depth Profiling Of Japanese Lacquerware 'tamamushi- Nuri' By Confocal 3d X-ray Analysis In Comparison With Micro .

Structures and Low-Energy Excitations of Amorphous Gas Hydrates
22 Aug 2012 We Have Prepared Amorphous Clathrate Hydrates Of Ar, Cd 4 , Xe, And Sf 6 By Depositing Mixed Vapors Of Water And Guest Molecules On A Substrate At Ca 10 K The Structure And Vibrational Density Of States Were Investigated By Neutron Diffraction And Inelastic Scattering Techniques, Respectively The Radial .

Lifetime-Broadening-Suppressed X-ray Absorption Spectrum of β
21 Dec 2016 In This Work, The Yb 3d → 2p (yb Lα1,2) Resonant X-ray Emission Spectrum Of β- Ybalb4 Was Acquired Using Excitation Energies Around The Yb Anal Jpn 32, 1 (2001) [in Japanese] 43 R E Lavilla, Phys Rev A 17, 1018 (1978) 10 1103 Physreva 17 1018 Crossref; 44 M Ohno, J Phys C 13, 447 (1980) .

NIMS X-RAY LABORAORY directed by Kenji Sakurai
The Recipient Of The 10th Asada Award, Which Is Presented By The Discussion Group Of X-ray Analysis, Japan, In Memory Of The Late Professor Ei-ichi Asada Of Element Concentrations In Stratified Materials By Confocal Microbeam X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry With Polychromatic Excitation , P Wrobel Et Al , Anal.

Flow Injection Determination of Urinary Protein Using Fluorescence
J Flow Injection Anal , Vol 28, No 2 (2011) 120–123 – 120 – 2 Murakami Memorial Hospital, Asahi University, Hashimoto-cho, Gifu 500-8523, Japan 3 Department Of Chemistry, Faculty Of Science, Excitation Wavelength Is 313 Nm And Emission Wavelength Is 560 Nm For Measuring Fluorescence Intensity Fig.

Characteristics of liquid electrode plasma for atomic emission
11 May 2012 Doi 10 1039 C2ja30023k (paper) J Anal Eschool Of Material Science, Japan Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology, 1-1 Asahi-dai, Nomi, Ishikawa 923-1292, Japan A Solution Of 1000 Mg L−1 Cu In 0 1 N Nitric Acid ( Kanto Chemical, Japan) Was Used To Estimate The Excitation Temperature.

論文・研究発表 株式会社テクノエックス
T Mukoyama And K Taniguchi,x-ray Spectrometry, 34 240-244 (2005); Excitation Energy Dependence For The Li 1s X-ray Photoelectron Spectra Of Limn 2o4, J Tsuji Chem Anal Japan 35 163-170 (2004); Two-dimensional Position Resolution And Correction Of Position Dependence Of Pulse Heights Of Superconducting .

Exposure to aflatoxins in Japan risk assessment for aflatoxin B1
The Intake Of Total Aflatoxins (aft) And Aflatoxin B1 (afb1) From Food In Japan Was Estimated From Aft And Afb1 Concentration And Frequency Data In 24 Foods (884 Aft Was Analysed By An Hplc-fluorescence Detector ( Excitation, 360 Nm ; Emission, 450 Nm) By Using Pre-column-trifluoroacetic Acid Derivatization Or .

Ohtsuki Lab
Okayama University, Department Of Medical Bioengineering.

RIS Export - Swinburne University
Ty - Conf Au - Mizeikis, V Au - Juodkazis, S Au - Sun, K Au - Misawa, H Py - 2010 Ti - Fabrication Of Micro- And Nano-structures In Thin Metallic Films By Femtosecond Laser Ablation Bt - Proceedings Of Spie - The International Society For Optical Engineering Cy - San Francisco, Ca Vl - 7591 T3 - Advanced Fabrication .

Health Sciences, Tokyo, Japan; And Graduate School Of Medicine, Dentistry, And Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University, Okayama, Japan 1367g>a, Arg456his, 8) Found In A Japanese Population In This Study, These Fluorometric Detection Was Performed With Excitation At 566 Nm And Emission At 584 Nm.

Yamauchi BAQ pdf - ResearchGate
National Children's Medical Research Center, Division Of Metabolism, 3-35-31 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154 (japan) The New Method Measures The Intensity Of The Fluorescent Signal At Wavelengths ( Excitation 350 Mm; Emission 550 Nm) Longer Than Those 5 P J Brynes, P Bevilacqua And A Green, Anal Biochem.

Outline of the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research - KAKENHI
Can Be Said To Have Consummated Electoral Studies In Japan Following A Good Tradition Of Previous Election Studies In Japan, The Project, Joined By Three New Anal 193 (2009), 339-421 【term Of Project】fy2012-2016 【budget Allocation】66,500 Thousand Yen 【homepage Address And Other Contact Information】.

Silece Tablets 2mg(サイレース錠2mg) - Search results detail
The Information On This Sheet Is Based On Approvals Granted By The Japanese Regulatory Authority [dependency]; Excitation, Consciousness Disturbance [ Irritable Excitation, Confusion]; Breathing Difficulty, Twilight State [respiratory Depression, Carbon Dioxide Narcosis]; Nausea, Vomiting, Loss Of Appetite, Yellowing In The Skin .

Anna Fedrigo University of Copenhagen - Academia edu
Anna Fedrigo, University Of Copenhagen, Niels Bohr Institute, Graduate Student Studies Archaeometry, Science For Conservation And Restoration Of Cultural Heritage, And Archaeometallurgy.

Vol 8 No 1 2015 44 66
[12]m Kurahashi, T Kidokoro, M Ohata, S Matsuyama, S Kinugasa And A Hioki Quantitative Analysis Of Hazardous Elements In Plastics By Monochromatic X-ray Excitation Fp-method Using The Sample Thickness As An Input Parameter, Advances In X-ray Chemical Analysis, 40, 203-217 (2009) (in Japanese) [13]m Ohata .

Modular and functionally-different descending recto-anal motor
21 May 2011 We Evaluated The Motor Responses In Recto- Anal Preparations Obtained From Rats, In Terms Of The Excitation Displayed By Modules Of Nerve Networks And Descending Distally Directed Pathways, When Subjected To The Mechanographic On-line Technique, A Partitioned Organ Bath, Electrical Stimulation (efs, 0 8 .

OSA Optimization of excitation–emission band-pass filter for
Abstract A Novel Method Of Optically Reducing The Dimensionality Of An Excitation –emission Matrix (eem) By Optimizing The Excitation And Emission Band-pass Filters Was Proposed And Applied To The Visualization Of Viable Bacteria On Pork Filters Were Designed Theoretically Using An Eem Data Set For Evaluating .

In Vivo Detection Of Rat Colorectal Cancers By Using A Dual-wavelength Excitation Method Acta Histochem Cytochem 47 247-54, 2014; Label-free Evaluation Of Myocardinal Infarction And Its Repair By Spontaneous Raman Spectroscopy Anal Chem 86 6903-10, 2014 Pacing-induced Non-uniform Ca²⁺dynamics In Rat Atria .

Leslie's - Google Books Result
His Duty Ls To Anal; Ze Such Fcrtlllzcrs And Products As May Be Required By The Department Of Agriculture, And Toaid, So Far As Practicable, Ln Suppresslng Fraud In Ihe E T Snsrsnn, Formerly United States Consul At Tl8il~tb Ij, China, Has Been Engaged As Assistant Legal Sdvlscr To The Japanese Foreign Ofllce, And Assumed .

Effect of the Counter-Electrode Material on the Emission
Spectrochemical Determination Is Influenced By Many Factors, Such As The Fractional Distillation, The Excitation Conditions, Self-absorption, And Third-element Ef- Fects (japan Analyst), 14, 424 (1965) 11) T Hamaguchi And N Nakao, Bunko Kenkyu (j Spectr Soc Japan), 6, 13 (1957) 12) H A Heller And R W Lewis, Anal.

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